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Investigations of a Designer, Teacher, Deep Sea Fisher, & Explorer of the Universe: Forming a Holistic Design Practice

Design is about having a plan, which is an instance where you know something. But design also contains states of not knowing. For example, we may not know the right next step for a project, or how a design will turn out. It is this process in which I am most interested. And it happens within a dense and tiny, yet infinite, space through a continuous unfolding of the unknown into the known.

This thesis explores and proposes a holistic design practice that is focused on people and communication, enriched by intersections with nature and teaching, and strengthened by philosophies of mending and Slow Design. It investigates the complementary relationship between these practices and philosophies, both in terms of methods (as process) and final outcomes (as product). In addition, this thesis provides a platform from which I can continue my practice after the completion of my graduate studies.

Through research, making, and observation, I have discovered how these approaches and philosophies inform and balance one another in a dynamic and holistic design practice. I have made a conscious effort to slow down, and I am suggesting my readers to do the same. And, although presented here as a personal process, the implications may lead to a more natural and compassionate approach to the broader practice of graphic design and design pedagogy that encourages the formation of trusting relationships and flexibility in accomplishing goals.