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Graphic Design

Thesis Exhibition


Unicorn: Gay and Tired

“The greatness of his mind is such that he rather chooseth to die than be taken alive; wherein the Unicorn and valiant-minded soldier are alike, which both contemn death, and rather than they will be compelled to undergo any base servitude or bondage they will lose their lives”

●  John Guillim - A Display of Heraldry - 1724

In Scottish heraldic traditions unicorns denoted freedom, ferocity, and pride. Whether or not they are visible, they carry this powerful quality. Could there be a better ikon to the queer experience?

The queer experience is a constant battle both personal and societal. This invisible war that has seen far too many fall victim has also inspired important art and design throughout the ages. This thesis entitled “Gay and Tired” attempts to highlight the experience of queer design as practice, contextualize the queer experience within the bounds of heteronormative history, and highlight the impact of queer artists on the development of art and design. Queer design is not merely the made but in the making. This is a thesis that both exists as a product and a memento mori for the process of queer creation.